About burrrd.

burrrd. has been inspired by Reddit User Analyser. This kind of websites is not new, but most of them look somewhat out of time. Projects like Reddit User Analyser try to improve the overall experience by creating an awesome UI, which makes watching statistics an enjoyable thing.
There are very good alternatives as well. One of them is Konstantin Kovshenin’s foller.me. He did an incredible job providing interesting insights into Twitter Users (such as Attitude). Make sure to check out his work!

One day after launch, burrrd. has been featured on Product Hunt thanks to a very early adopter: Henk Holveck. All the best for you!

This website is using the Twitter API in order to get the information about the users you request.

Most of the awesome icons on this page are part of Feather by Cole Bemis.

Other ♥s for: chartjs, opentip, Laravel & DigitalOcean